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Our 17′ x 26′ mix stage is equipped with an AVID S6 M40, ProTools HDX, JBL 7.1 monitoring and a plethora of plug-ins. Ideal for TV mixing and feature pre-dubs. Attached to the mix stage is a private Producers Room.

At 14′ x 24′, our ADR Stage is perfectly suited for principle ADR and can comfortably accommodate a loop group up to 8 persons, with a mic locker stocked with all the industry standards.

A cost-effective, mixer-less Source Connect Pro room for accurate monitoring of remote ADR sessions.

Comfortable room behind the dub stage provides convenient space for small meetings, conference calls or a quiet respite from the mix.  Equipped with a land line and printer.

Convenient amenities from gourmet snacks & beverages, complimentary valet, and car wash services ensure that clients have an above the line experience while using the facility.

The location is conveniently nestled among great places to eat and drink (SweetSalt, Coffee Bean, Forman’s Tavern, Malbec, Kabosu and Olive & Thyme), and just a short drive from major studios and post facilities in the Burbank area.


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Waterman Sound is dedicated to providing superior work throughout the life of all projects, with a leadership team who brings a unique mix of experience including facility management, mix supervision and client service.  Our principle team members have over 20 years of post experience with Emmy award winning programming, and our first priority is to ensure your projects are delivered with the highest quality.

10200 Riverside Drive

Toluca Lake, CA 91602


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